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timetomarket.us consultants and associated partners have extensive experience in growing high technology companies from startup phase to public companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues. Our mission is to leverage our knowledge, experience and personal networks to accelerate the pace of growth for early stage startups. We specialize in helping technology entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise who do not have experience in taking their inventions to market.

The Inventor's Dilemma

Most inventors spend their life dedicated to a narrow domain of expertise. This deep knowledge enables them to develop unique and novel technologies that have the potential for bringing great value to society. Not having the experience in building companies and taking products to market, these inventors face the dilemma of going it alone and potentially failing or losing control of their invention and their company to venture capitalists or seeing their life's work languishing or never achieving its full potential.

timetomarket.us fills this void, providing mentoring, experience and knowledge for budding entrepreneurs, helping them to maintain more control over their own destinies while realizing the full potential of their inventions.

Our Services

Each timetomarket.us consultant works with a small number of companies at any one time providing a combination of the following services.
  • Executive mentoring
  • Go to market assessments
  • Corporate and Go to market strategy implementation
  • Part time operational leadership
  • Corporate and business development
  • Funding readiness and fund raising

Executive Mentoring

In this role, a timetomarket.us consultant takes a position on the board of directors or advisory board and assists the CEO, CMO and/or CFO with activities in the areas mentioned above.

In this capacity, the timetomarket.us consultant is able to provide all its expertise to the organization on an as-needed basis. Executives can take advantage of these services obtain real-time assistance with activities such as
  • Feedback on business model for funding pitch;
  • Assistance with presentation refinement for funding pitches;
  • Review of go to market strategy;
  • Review of product pricing, positioning and messaging;
  • Brokering executive level contacts at potential customers or business partners;

Go to Market Assessments

Are you taking your product to market without the results you had hoped-for or anticipated? If this is the case then there might be a more productive route to market. Your product and technology might be perfect but there is more to market success that a better mouse trap. Typical issues lie in the areas of market segment selection (e.g. do we target financial services or pharmaceuticals?); customer targeting (e.g. Does our product better suite baby boomers or empty nesters); product positioning, pricing and promotion (e.g. do we give it away and charge advertising? Do we push the cost savings or the time to market message?)

A timetomarket.us Go to Market Assessment will bring insight into the root causes of under-performance and highlight the way forward to finding the solution.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy is as much about what you choose not to do as it is about what you choose to do. The only useful strategy is one that is in implementation. It is for this reason that we at timetomarket.us, while concentrating on choosing and formulating the right strategy, emphasize strategy implementation and ongoing refinement and evaluation.

Very often for the early stage company, the possibilities seem endless. How do you choose between the many different potential paths? How do you stay focused on the right long-term strategy without being bull-headed in the face of failure? timetomarket.us's strategy implementation service can assist you by bringing a fresh and experienced set of eyes and a structured approach to strategic evaluation and implementation. By asking the right questions, filling information gaps and applying fresh thinking, unencumbered by the day-to-day operations. timetomarket.us can very quickly eliminate the dead-end strategies and help you to choose and implement the most promising successful strategy. Our results-oriented approach focuses equally on the strategy and its implementation and we therefore emphasize the ongoing evaluation and refinement of strategy during its implementation.

Part-time Operational Leadership

As a small startup company with a limited budget, you often have the need for world-class leadership in an important executive role but have neither the budget nor the immediate workload to warrant such a person. You could also be grooming a younger executive to fill the spot and need to provide hands-on coaching or on-the-job training. timetomarket.us provides this service in the areas of Marketing, Product Management and/or President and CEO.

In this capacity, timetomarket.us provides a seasoned executive in a 20% to 50% capacity. This gives your organization access to world class, proven leadership talent from between 1 and 3 days per week with flexibility to scale up and down as needed. Our approach is to focus not only on executing the temporary leadership function with excellence but also on finding and/or grooming the long term leadership that will take the helm at the end of the engagement.

Corporate and Business Development

As a small growing organization you will often find yourself up against larger competitors with bigger networks, alliances and executive contacts. At timetomarket.us we know the value of making the right contacts at the right level of the organization – be that a potential customer or a potential partner. By engaging us in this capacity we can turn your disadvantage into an advantage, open doors and eliminate political bottlenecks.

Funding Readiness and Fund Raising Support

Navigating the world of seed, angel and venture investing can be daunting for a new entrepreneur. Once you get over the hurdle of finding who to contact you are faced with questions and expectations that you did not anticipate and jargon you do not understand. How do you present your target market in a way that it will be attractive to potential investors but not too big for you to gain substantial market share? How much money do you attempt to raise such that it gets your organization through the next phase of growth but does not give away too much ownership in the process? And how do you decide how to structure the funding, choosing from competing letters of intent, choosing a lead investor, choosing between participating and non-participating preferences, size of option pools etc. timetomarket.us, acting as your trusted advisor, can help you navigate these shark-infested waters. Ensuring that you get what you need from the funding process without giving away too much.


timetomarket.us recognizes that organizations at your stage of development may not have the financial wherewithall to pay top dollar consulting fees. Our fee structure therefore remains modest and very flexible.

Where appropriate we are prepared to defer significant portions of our compensation until these results are delivered and are open to compensation that is a mixture of cash and equity.

The Inventor's Dilemma often leads to valuable technologies not achieving their full potential

Choosing the right go to market strategy, corporate strategy and business partnerships is critical to success

Ongoing strategy refinement and relentless strategy implementation is the key to market success

World class leadership on a limited budget

Choosing your lead investors and your funding structure can be daunting the first time around

Our philosophy is:

You pay for results not effort, and

Where there is risk, results bring reward.
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